PWO report on PhD researchers’ condition across Europe in OUT!

In 2023, the Postgraduate Researchers’ Organisation (PWO) of Ireland commissioned its branch at the European University Institute (EUI) to issue a survey and compile a report on instances of employee status for PhD researchers across the European Research Area (ERA): Eoghan Hussey and Rory O’Sullivan, Workers in all but name, pay, and conditions: the employment model for PhD Researchers, its status and implementation across European countries (February 2024).

This report, thanks to the support of the USI and SIPTU was published and launched in Ireland on 14 February 2024 to promote and support the PWO demand for employee status for PhD researchers. Given the Europe-wide relevance of the contents, findings, and conclusions of this report, the Researchers’ Union at the EUI (EUIRU) have offered to host a European launch at the EUI and online, to which all PhD researcher representative unions, organisations, associations, and collectives are invited to send delegates and participate. Other interested parties are welcome to observe.

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